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Ornaments - Box of 6 - 80MM (3.15") Disc Glass Ornaments.


These are not round globe ornaments, but Clear Glass Disc-Shaped Ornaments. Each box has 1 each of 6 unique designs: Snowflake with SS10 clear Swarovski crystals on points; Snow-capped Evergreen with SS10 Siam Swarovski crystals on tips of branches; Dove with Montana SS6 Swarovski crystal eye; Reindeer with Clear SS10 Swarovski crystal eye; Red Christmas Stocking with Green Holly; Scrolled Christmas Tree with a Star on top.


Perfect for Christmas holiday gift-giving to friends, family or personal use.

Ornaments - Box of 6 - 80MM (3.15") Disc Glass Ornaments

SKU: LMH-ORN6-00020
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